LD Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

    The quality of compressed air required by most industrial applications needs to have moisture removed at source, failure to do that efficiently can spoil downstream product and damage tooling at a high cost for the end user.
    LMF offer the energy efficient and environmentally friendly LD series of refrigerated dryers capable of producing high quality air for thousands of applications.

    • Low pressure drop for system efficiency
    • High quality build components for reliability
    • Dependable digiPro and EDS dewpoint control
    • Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant standard across all models
    • Integrated filters maintain particulate removal at less than 0.01μ and oil carryover less than 0.01ppm
    • Effective condensate management
    • Premium quality components and build quality

    Digital control

    LD Refrigerated Air Dryers have Digi-Pro Control (LD23-3915) or state of the art Energy saving ESD Control (LD 5085 – 12500) installed as standard. Both Controllers are multi functional with menus that include operating efficiency, alarms,service and diagnostics.

    Ease of maintenance

    For ease of maintenance the LD dryers have lift off panels which allow full access for service requirements. Models LD23 – 2775 have integral line filtration within the cabinet speeding up installation time and reducing fittings costs.

    Unique heat exchanger design

    The unique LD mono block heat exchanger has been designed specially to dry compressed air, an in built economizer and centrifugal separator provide very effective moisture removal.

    Reliability and build quality

    The key to a reliable refrigerant air dryer lies in the design and reliability of key components. Condenser fan switch, klixon overtemperature protection, high quality hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor and responsive and accurate high pressure switches are key to the ultimate LD series reliability.

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