LKS series

    The LKS two stage series with its world class airend technology and performance achieves superior working efficiency and low power consumption.

    The LKS Two Stage Series with its World Class Airend Technology Designs provide Industry with a reliable, high performance product with unrivaled efficiency and low power consumption.

    The LKS airend design combines superior no leakage profile design with effective intercooling no competitor can match, making it a product of choice for medium to large Industrial applications .

    • 10-15% more flow than Single Stage design
    • low compression ratios across each stage increase bearing life significantly
    • intercooling reduces inlet temperature to 2nd stage reducing energy consumption
    • precise airend speed control of 1st and 2nd stag

    Motor power: 75 kW-355 kW
    Air discharge: 14.77 m³/min-65.8 m³/min
    Working pressure: 7.5 / 8 / 10 /13 bar

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